Making women comfortable during gynecological examinations

A gynecological examination is a vulnerable affair for women. The nature of the examination makes it very personal and making sure that the woman feels comfortable is of utmost importance. There are a number of factors that can improve the quality of this type of examination. We will outline three of the main factors and their solution in this post.

Institutional atmosphere

The atmosphere is a rather all-encompassing term that refers to everything prior to and surrounding the examination. How is the examination scheduled? What does the reception area look like? How are you received when you arrive? All of these factors have mostly the same solution. Privacy is key here. The patient want to feel comfortable and that does not include sharing information about private affairs. While human contact is often highly valued in the healthcare sector, this might be an exception. Give the patients options to book online, don’t group patients waiting for the same type of examination in one big open room together. Basically try to create a welcoming, safe and private atmosphere for patients.

The doctor

It is very important that the doctor performing the examination realizes the need to adopt an appropriate attitude towards the women being examined. We want the women to feel safe, it is however a rather personal state of mind. We are unable to generalize too much since some women may want a more laid back attitude from their doctor while others want stone-cold professionalism. As a doctor, adopt the wait and see approach. Start acting very professional and let the women take the initiative if they want to joke with you.

The instruments

Finally, it is important that the instruments used during the gynecological examination are well-designed. We want all women to feel comfortable and secure during their examinations. It is therefore incredibly important that the instruments are of high quality. All three factors together shape the experience for the women and you should therefore not overlook this important step. We have found the medical instruments from Wing Plast to be of high quality and comfortable for women. Wing Plast design a multitude of different types of medical instruments and their gynecological instruments are very well-designed for women.

Do you have any favorite doctor or institute that meet all three of these criteria with flying colours? Please share with us.